Selecting your Chicago Event Rental Style

In 2020 and 2021 the Chicago event rental style has changed dramatically (as did everything with events). It was all about practical solutions in unique spaces that allowed for social distancing, while still creating a beautiful backdrop for the occasion. At the time, it was about creating a sense of calmness for event guests, who weren’t likely feeling very relaxed in an event environment. While Covid and social distancing are still a concern to take into account, couples and guests alike are ready to experience something new! In 2022, we can expect to see more accents and decorative furnishings to turn the calm and zen-like areas into an interior and event designer’s dream. 

2022 Event Rental Style Trends 

Natural Materials 

Expect a focus on more natural materials. In the past, events often stayed away from natural materials, especially when considering event rentals and event design. In 2022, expect spaces to be full of natural material-made rentals that make the space feel timeless with warm. Natural woods will be showcased throughout the furniture and mixed with other materials. The soft shade of the natural woods creates a calm and relaxing ambiance that works perfectly in events. 

One of our favorite inventory items is the natural wood side tables:

chicago event rental style

We also love the look of this natural wood bar paired with the bright pops of color!

chicago event rental style

Black Accents 

Black accents are going to be a staple in 2022. From black accent pieces, like table lamps, to black furniture pieces, you can expect to see more event spaces showcasing splashes of black. The color black instantly makes the event feel more modern and adds depth to an area. Consider adding black accents to a minimal space to create a bold contrast for an edgy twist on a minimal design. 

Take a look at this rich black bar that you can find in our rental inventory:

chicago event rental style


Bold, heavy marbles are making their way into the event rentals world and are expected to stay. The distinct colors within the marble create the perfect addition to a dark and moody kitchen, or a light and bright space. Clean lines were once the only way to display marble, but you can also expect to see some rough and rugged slabs options in the near future.

We have a number of beautiful stone and marble pieces in our inventory.

chicago event rental style


Textured Fabrics

Expect to see a variety of textured fabrics this year.  Textured fabrics make for a comfortable, decorative addition to any space and are a perfect way to give off a luxurious and modern chic feel.

  chicago event rental style

Fringe Accents

Fringe accents are making an appearance in 2022 and are here to stay for the year. What was once a popular accent on blankets and pillowcases is now becoming an unexpected decorative staple. From rugs to seating options, like on sofas and ottomans, expect to see fringe accents to add a chic and romantic look to furnishing. Pair the fringe with a textured throw blanket to add different textures throughout an event lounge space to add contrast and interest to the area. 


Dark, Earthy Tones 

2022 event furnishing trends are shifting to all things dark and moody. Expect to see a variety of furnishings that showcase rich and deep shades throughout the year. From shades of brown to copper to darker earthy tones, these deep, moody shades will be scattered throughout event design trends. Expect to see these darker shades mixed in with shades of black and gray to accentuate the moody feel. 

chicago event rental style

Statement Lighting 

While you can’t control all the lighting in your venue – you can still incorporate your design style into the accent lighting. Well-designed lights can change the ambiance and the look of a venue in an instant. Expect lighting that embodies more than one trend, like a sculptural light with round edges or metallic lighting for a curated look. 

chicago event rental style

Hammered Metals 

Hammered metals will be a complete vibe this year and are the perfect addition to the dark and moody event trend. From hammered metal decor to larger furnishings, like accent chairs, hammered metals can add a contemporary feel to any event space, no matter the style. The hammered metal texture offers a welcomed contrast in the space and fits into many different styles. 

chicago event rental style

chicago event rental style


Soft Lines

The curvy design trend of 2021 has not only survived the pandemic but is thriving in 2022. Furniture and decor pieces with soft curves and softer edges are certainly easy on the eyes and cast feminine energy within the space. Curvy furniture complements harsher, more angled pieces while adding a soft and romantic feel to the event design. It screams modern era and is certainly a trend we welcome for 2022.

chicago event rental style


Indoor / Outdoor Rattan

chicago event rental style

The lines are truly blurred when it comes to rattan and wicker. Rattan and wicker have been outdoor favorites for years but are making their way indoors in 2022. They pack a punch when it comes to furniture and give off a natural and raw feel. The woven look creates a beautiful texture that can be paired with smoother materials for a contrasting look. 


White ceramics are a common modern addition to tables, centerpieces, and more but expect a twist this year. Colored or brown ceramics add instant warmth to your event space. Expect to see round, curvy edges and an unglazed finish to give off a handcrafted and raw look. 

Bringing the Outside In

Over the last couple of years, hosting an event inside or outside has weighed into the venue selection process more than ever. As we start to see events being hosted in and outside again, we are seeing couples who are eager to bring some of the outdoor experience and ambiance in. A great way to add a fresh layer of the outdoors throughout your indoor event is the addition of greenery and plant life, and let’s be honest… who doesn’t love a fiddle plant! 

chicago event rental style

You’ll notice that the pop of green really helps add warmth to this already stylish lounge set.

chicago event rental style

When it’s time to start creating your event rentals style list. It’s important to look at your space to understand what you’ll have room for, and also to look around your home. See what style you’ve gravitated towards in your living environment to be able to communicate what you are attracted to and what you’d like to stay away from for your event rentals and overall event design style.

Start by asking yourself these few questions to dig in a little deeper to your design style. When you come in for your initial consultation, tell us the answers… they’ll help us help you select pieces that make you feel right at home!

  1. If money were no object, where would you shop for your home furnishings?
  2. Do you gravitate towards clean minimalism or layered comfort?
  3. What attire will your guests be wearing? Elegant semi-formal? Black-tie? Imagine your guests at a cocktail hour – so that the environment is a fit for the style of the event and your guests.
  4. What areas of your venue are “customizable”? If you are only able to customize the event style with your seated tables, we’ll want to focus on statement pieces here to set the style. If you have room for seated lounge and conversation areas, we’ll have a lot of options.

Are you ready to start exploring your event rental style and rentals wishlist? Contact us to schedule your complimentary design consultation.