Selecting a Chicago Event Rental Company

Chicago Event Rental Company

Chicago Event Rental Company, Bowery and Bash is an experienced rentals company providing furniture and decor  for events, weddings, home staging, and more. Our team takes pride in our collection, as well as our ability to assist you in creating the perfect design in your space.

We are wildly unapologetic creative types, free spirits who are all about stretching the limits of our imagination. Beyond the rentals, we are dreamers and dog-lovers who care deeply about creating an environmentally friendly company that our clients are inspired by and want to tell their friends about.

Chicago event rental companies

Chicago Event Rental Company

When you begin your search for an event rentals company for your wedding or event, you should start by considering the following:

  • Define the type of event you are creating: This is a significant step. Defining the type of event and the overall design of the event is essential so that the rental company you select, along with all of your other wedding and/or event vendors, have a clear vision for what you’re looking for.
  • List your must-haves: Once you’ve established the type of event you’re having and the overall style, it’s important to think about your must-have items. Whether it’s the basics like tables and chairs, or styled vignettes for your cocktail hour, you’ll want to review your must-have items first and foremost with your rentals provider, and then start thinking about your wishlist. Having a must-have list will help ensure you are working with the right rental company.
  • Define the budget: Once you have your list of must-haves (and potentially another list full of all of your extra wants and wishes), you’ll want to be sure to determine your budget. Rental budgets can vary widely, based on a company’s reputation, experience, variety of products and pieces, additional fees, and more. TIP: getting all the rentals from one company can give you a pricing edge and savings in the long run.  At Bowery and Bash:
    • Our rental rates are priced for a single calendar day. Please ask about multi-day, weekly, and monthly rates.
    • Bowery & Bash has a $1000 rental minimum, excluding taxes and delivery.
    • Travel orders – more than 80 miles from Chicago – have a $2500 rental minimum, not including delivery and travel fees.
    • We allow warehouse pickups for companies with dedicated delivery crews or those who use our friends from Schlep.
  • Quality and reputation: It is very important to ensure that the quality of the rental items is what you’re looking for. Inefficient rental companies might end up sending you dirty chairs, stained linens, or wobbling tables. Selecting a company where you can visit their showroom, or have a virtual walk-thru, to look for yourself whether the quality meets your standards, is ideal. If neither option is available to you, we recommend reading customer reviews at a minimum.
    • “I had a great experience working with Bowery & Bash! I used their furniture for a client’s birthday and the client even remarked that the furniture was even better than she what she saw on the online catalog. Their furniture is high quality and definitely made a statement! Ally and the delivery team was also super easy to work with. They also did a great job sticking to the delivery and pick-up times. Highly recommend and can’t wait to work with them again!”- Amanda, Amanda Paige Events
  • Clarify Services: There are vast services that are expected from the rental companies. It includes delivery, pickup, setup, or takedown. But not all rental companies provide comparable services. You’ll want to clarify what is included in your cost and what part of the service (if any) you’ll need to arrange or handle on your own.

Other factors to take into account:

Once you’ve established where your event will take place, it’s important to dig a little deeper to ensure you have the right rentals planned and accounted for. Here are some items to consider:

  1. How many people are on your guest list? The answer to this question is essential for planning. It tells you how many chairs, place settings, and tables you need. It may also determine the types of tables that best suit your needs.
  2. When is the party? Securing your rentals from Bowery and Bash early is important. We encourage our clients to reserve rentals a year in advance whenever possible.
  3. What activities will take place at your event? If the party has a theme, use the colors to choose your settings. If your event is at night, will you need dinner place settings? Is your even more casual without a sit-down meal? Would lounge seating work better for you?
  4. What do you (or your venue) have on hand? Before requesting rental information determine if you have certain items on hand. Some venues provide all of the “necessities” so that you’ll only need the extras.
  5. Think about your photo opps. While so many rentals are selected for function, others are simply for fun, for the photo, or for comfort.

Chicago event rental companies


We think most Chicago event rental companies we agree, that the biggest trend in rentals is personalization and customization.

In Tables

Consider mixing table sizes and shapes to maximize your space and add visual interest to your event. Whether you’re looking at rustic-wooden tables or a combination of wood and glass tabletops, multiple sizes, shapes and materials can be interesting. This design concept can focus entirely on your dinner tables in a long family-style, various rounds, or a mix of other table shapes and sizes, or you might also consider this for buffet tables, cocktail tables and or separate tables for gifts and dessert.

Take a look at our dining and high top collection here. 

Take a look at our side table collection here.

Lounge furniture

One of the biggest trends in events over the last few years is finding ways to really highlight your personality and style. Not everything has to be ordinary, expected, and follow the rules. Adding lounge furniture can be a great way to add a nod to your design aesthetic, personality and event vibe. From vintage armchairs and settees to clean-lined, modern sofas and side tables, the options are endless and will all come together to create an inviting space for your guests to relax and make memories at your wedding or event.  TIP: Check with your venue to ensure that there is adequate space in doorways for delivery and throughout the venue for lounging.

We have a large selection of items to create your lounge areas, from rugs, and textiles, to sofas, chairs, lighting, mirrors and decor – we will help you create and style the mini-environments to perfectly highlight you and your spouse.

In Chairs

Of course, there are the essentials, you’ll need chairs for the ceremony, chairs for the cocktail party, and likely chairs for the reception. For some events – these will all be used interchangeably and repurposed throughout the event. The classic, Chiavari chairs are a popular option, but you made consider mixing various vintage chairs, armchairs, or even acrylic chairs.

Our chair selection is extensive, take a look at our barstools, dining chairs, accent chairs and more here.

In Decor

You’ll likely want to consult with your event designer or planner prior to selecting rental decor to ensure it fits with the overall event style and layout. Additionally, our team will be able to help guide you through the selection process, finding the best pieces that help you identify your style and work well with your space.

Take a look at some of our most unique pieces.

We take pride in our extensive collection of unique furniture, decor, and finds, and cannot wait to share them with you. If you are interested in discussing your rental needs, contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation or showroom visit.

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