What Inspires the Event Rental Industry?


Event Rental Industry in 2022

Now more than ever, weddings and events don’t have to follow a certain set of rules. Weddings are becoming increasingly more personal and customized to the couple and their lifestyles, and the event rentals component of your wedding is no exception. Whether you’re interested in a sea of vibrant colors, or a cottage-inspired romantic escape, we can suggest the perfect pieces for your wedding day.

How do we find inspiration?

The event rental industry (and the event industry in general) draw inspiration from many different places year-to-year, whether it be pop culture,  interior design, or something in between, inspiration is all around us. So, what inspires Bowery and Bash, and the event rental industry in 2022?

To answer this question, first, we need to take a step back and explore what makes a design trend. According to 99 Designs, a design trend can be described as, “How we interpret what’s happened before, to help us try to understand and predict the future. The idea is that we want something different than we have now, but not too different. A gradual change from what was to what will be.”

In most cases when someone thinks of a trend, they immediately think of fashion. A fashion trend signifies a specific look or expression that is spread across a population at a specific time and place. A trend then persists and continues because people have seen it as part of a society’s culture. A trend shows a transitory increase or decrease of a particular idea, event or phenomenon. Similarly, trends in the event design industry follow the same pattern.

Our professional team is always looking for upcoming design trends and opportunities in the event industry, and we set no limitations on where we draw inspiration from. Whether it’s from interior designers (who are often leading the pack), home builders, wedding planners, or something or someone completely unexpected like musicians or actors, we are always on the lookout, to ensure we have the items you may be looking for to complete or set the tone for the look in your event space.

According to, popular interior designer, Netflix star, and furnishings designer, Shea, owner and creative mastermind behind the monster brand Studio McGee, the new year will come with many design shifts. Take a look at a few of them below:

  1. An increase in pattern-heavy elements. In the interior design world, these patterns may make jaw-dropping statements via window treatments, wallpaper or large textiles. In the event world, you may have to think small to make a big impact. Consider heavily patterned throws or pillows on sitting areas, strategically placed rugs to draw attention to a space, or even backdrops for fun photo opportunities in your event venue.
  2. Romantic materials and textures. What says wedding more than romance? Incorporating small items that add a bit of a whimsical romance to your event space will soften it up, bring a feeling of welcoming warmth and even add dimension to your space.
  3. Warmer color palettes and materials. From natural stones to browns and terracotta tones, warm color palettes are making their way into events more than ever. Could this be a result of people enjoying and spending more time outdoors over their Covid quarantines? We like to think so – and we aren’t mad about it!
  4. The addition of pedestals. This born-again trend went out with the free-standing white stone pillar style pedestals, years ago, but is making its dramatic comeback in different shapes and sizes. From blocky wooden pedestals to natural stump-style pedestals, they are a simple but impactful addition to an event space.

As we mentioned, inspiration is not solely derived from interior designers.



In addition to inspiration found from interior designers, we also look to some of the most sought-after wedding and event planners to explore predictions and event design trends.

Take a look at a few of the notable trends listed by planners around the United States.

  1. OUTDOOR INSPIRED DESIGN: Amy Shey Jacobs, owner and creative director of Chandelier Events in New York says, “Perhaps it’s the outdoor influence or the attitude that, ‘We’re finally here!’ My team expects more weddings with a relaxed luxury feel in 2022. This means there’s less fuss about the traditions and more fun. The formality of even the most lavish weddings will be slightly pared down in the year ahead. While the classic black-tie wedding will still be around, we will see more and more of a relaxed vibe coming into play at weddings.”
  2. NEUTRAL & NATURAL DESIGN: Rattan elements, macrame tassel chandeliers, wishbone chairs and plush seating in neutrals have created an earthy and comfortable aesthetic at home in 2021, which will be prevalent across 2022 wedding trend aesthetics. “You tend to see rentals follow what happens with traditional interior design,” says Esther Lee (of The Knot). “Lately, the industry is expanding to contemporary furniture.” This includes cloud couches and other soothing touches and palettes that especially work well in outdoor natural settings.

  3. FLORAL COTTAGE INSPIRED DESIGN: We can’t ignore the Bridgerton inspired and popular internet aesthetic of “cottagecore” for creating an industry-wide movement around cozy garden themes. Beautiful floral decorations and installations against tufted velvet seating, gold embellishments and tailored attire are just a few ways couples are leaning into the garden party theme. “The only cultural exposure any of us got last year was via Netflix,” explains Lee. “Who didn’t watch Bridgerton? Those were the only balls or parties we ‘attended.’ It’s only natural that all things British Regency and English countryside are influencing our design dreams of today.”

    “We are seeing a huge demand for hanging florals and also large floral installations where they are suspended above tables or even move from floor to ceiling along the full length of the table.” -Tara Fay

  4. DOPAMINE DESIGN: “We all know one of the biggest trends to emerge from the pandemic is dopamine dressing. I’m looking forward to creating ‘dopamine environments.’” -Bryan Rafanelli “Couples want to celebrate in technicolor! They want to sit at a living table, resplendent in florals and dine under ceilings of florals and lights.” Tara Fay
  5. ART-INSPIRED DESIGN: “The entire room becomes part of the experience. Clients are thinking about custom ways to fill (or add to) empty spaces, creating complex signature graphic or artistic branding into their details. For example, we contracted an artist to paint the couple through his abstract style. While we prominently hung the painting, we also incorporated the artwork in other ways, from the small scale of food-to-go boxes to an oversized rendering on a custom dance floor.” -Mindy Weiss

As a professional Chicago event rentals company and event design resource to couples looking for an unforgettable wedding, or wedding and event planners looking for an event rentals partner, we always strive to find the most beautiful, on-trend, statement-worthy furniture pieces, and accessories.

To set up a time to see our collection – or discuss your design needs with our skilled team, contact us today. 

Unsure what your design style is? We’d be happy to walk you through our collection and help provide inspiration to you, now more than ever, your wedding doesn’t have to follow the rules, it should be all about you and your soon-to-be-spouse and what you both enjoy and gravitate towards.