Staging with Soul

We are fiercely independent creative types, passionate about furniture and interiors. Like, really passionate.

While the past year has been well, interesting, it’s also brought exciting new changes to the company. We’ve launched an entire new residential division, offering home staging and subscription rental services.

Events will always be our beloved first child, but staging is so dang fun. Thank you for reading!

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So. 2020 was, well, interesting.  Especially those of us in the event industry. The very nature of what we do involves large groups of people gathering together –  something not possible during a pandemic.

As luck would have it, we launched Bowery & Bash: At Home in February of 2020. The goal was to dip our toes into the residential market with staging and rental subscriptions.  What was supposed to be a small part of our business became our business for most of the year.

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Turns out when millions of people have to stay home 24/7, home becomes more important than ever.  Our question, then, when we started heading in this direction was how can we do staging a bit differently and still help clients meet their sales goals?

For us, the answer quickly became staging with soul – a combination of storytelling and eclectic furniture and decor, still neutral and more universally appealing, but designed to make buyers feel something special the moment they walk through the door.  And for the space to NOT feel staged.

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What does it mean to “stage with soul”?  For us it’s a combination of up- to- the-minute furniture and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, a mix of rustic woods and shiny brass, concrete and mohair velvet.  A know- it-when-you-see-it kind of thing. 

When we walked into One Bennett Park’s stunning rental unit, we took our inspiration from the building’s lobby and Lake Michigan views.  Our mission was to create a living space that was worthy of the unit itself.  The client was clear: a slightly eclectic, stylish (not trendy), hard-working professional, working from home, and needing their home to feel like home – even if it was only temporary.

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The goal was to allow that person to visualize themselves here from the minute they came down the hall.

For the living room, we added an 80’s vintage sofa and chair, both updated for today’s design aesthetic. We filled the room with textured neutrals and added a paprika colored mohair chair. Vintage stools are reupholstered in cowhide.  

In the dining area we added a modern concrete table, modern chairs and a contrasted with a vintage giltwood mirror.  

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Boucle stools add texture to the kitchen island, along with warm wood accents (we’re obsessed with warm wood accents these days).

In the office, we created a workspace for the Zoom era, scrapping a traditional desk and instead  added a smaller glass top to a 1980’s dining table.  Artwork, a faux snakeskin upholstered chair and marble accents help make the room a total original. 

For the bedroom, a popular upholstered platform bed becomes more soulful with the addition of textured linens and vintage nightstands.  Concrete lamps add texture and a chartreuse upholstered chair adds a pop of color to the neutral room.

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The result for all of our staging projects: rooms that are literally one-of-a-kind, every time.  And a Bowery & Bash that is very different from who we were pre-COVID.  Our collection is even more curated and our mission has never been clearer: to wow our clients and have fun creating great spaces – whether at an event or in your home. Always.