Adding an Autumn Color Palette to your Event


As September begins in Chicago, the crisp autumn air starts to make its presence felt. This transitional season brings cooler temperatures, making outdoor events and gatherings a bit more challenging. However, with the right event furniture, you can keep the warmth alive in your September gatherings. In this article, we’ll explore how Bowery & Bash can help you create cozy and inviting autumn events by incorporating warm-toned furniture:


The Shea Chair: A Touch of Elegance

The Shea Chair is the perfect addition to your autumn event. Its plush cushions and inviting design create an atmosphere of comfort and elegance. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or an intimate gathering, the Shea Chair adds a touch of sophistication while keeping your guests cozy.

The Arlo Chair: Bold Charm

For those aiming for a rustic and inviting atmosphere, the Arlo Chair is a fantastic choice. Its deep purple tones and unique shape evoke the feeling of a cozy cabin in the woods. Pair the Arlo Chair with wooden side tables and autumn-themed decor for a truly unique event.

The Frida Sofa: Luxurious Comfort

When it comes to creating a warm and luxurious ambiance, the Frida Sofa steals the show. Its deep, plush seating and rich, warm-toned copper fabric make it an ideal choice for lounge areas at your September event. Add some throw blankets and soft pillows to complete the look and keep your guests warm and comfortable.

The Ophelia Banquette: Intimate Gatherings

If you’re planning an intimate gathering or a romantic event, the Ophelia Banquette is the way to go. Its curved design and sumptuous upholstery create a cozy nook where guests can relax and socialize. The golden Ophelia Banquette adds an air of intimacy to any event.

The Reza Stool: Rustic Chic

For a place to set a drink or plate that complements various event styles, the Reza Stool is a fantastic choice. Its sleek design and rustic charm make it an excellent addition to cocktail parties, outdoor events, or even indoor gatherings. These stools are easy to move around, ensuring your guests stay warm and comfortable no matter where they are.


How to Incorporate Warm Toned Furniture into Your Event

  • Color Palette: Embrace warm autumn colors such as deep oranges, dark plums, and earthy browns in your event’s color palette. These tones are featured in  some of the warm-toned inventory from Bowery & Bash.
  • Texture and Fabrics: Incorporate cozy textures like faux fur throws, velvet pillows, and soft blankets to enhance the warmth of your event space.
  • Autumnal Decor: Decorate your event space with autumn-themed decor like pumpkins, leaves, and candlelight to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Outdoor Heaters: For outdoor events, consider renting outdoor heaters to keep guests warm. Place them strategically around the seating areas for added comfort.


As the temperatures begin to drop in September, you can still host memorable and warm events in Chicago by embracing the inviting charm of warm-toned furniture. Bowery & Bash offers an exquisite range of furniture, including the Shea Chair, Arlo Chair, Frida Sofa, Ophelia Banquette, and Reza Stool, to help you create the perfect autumn ambiance. Don’t let the chill in the air deter you from hosting unforgettable gatherings—let Bowery & Bash bring the warmth to your events with their stunning furniture options.

For all your event furniture rental needs in Chicago, transform your Autumnal events into cozy and inviting affairs that your guests will cherish.