2023 Wedding Reception Trends


Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2022 and looking into planning trends for 2023? Well, believe it! Wedding trends are always changing from year to year and even season to season, but we are pretty excited about what we see on the horizon. Over the past few years, we’ve seen traditions go to the wayside as more and more weddings were postponed, rescheduled, or even turned into an elopement, but in 2023 (and even in 2022), we expect to continue to see more trends making an appearance during the wedding reception. After some time without many parties, people are ready to throw a party that will be one for the record books!



Dried flowers are becoming more and more popular. Mixing dried flowers into bouquets can create a decorative bouquet that is earthy, unique, and of course, beautiful. Adding greenery with the dried flowers allows the florals in the arrangements to become more visible. It creates lovely contrast as centerpiece arrangements, on walls around the reception space, or even attached to outdoor gazebos.


Kiss balloon arches goodbye and welcome the beautiful flower arch. It’s been popular in past years but is definitely making a comeback in 2022. Expect to see reception areas full of gorgeous florals, from floral walls as photo backdrops to floral arches in doorways. They are a great way to sprinkle in your wedding flowers as well as a touch of color throughout your wedding reception area.


Couples are opting for a full glam and shimmery look in 2023. Metallics can fit into various wedding styles, from rustic to modern, to chic industrial weddings. From metallic stationery to centerpieces with metal vases, expect to see pops of metallic in wedding receptions this year. Decorate with metallic lanterns for a more vintage vibe and add a touch of romance to the space. Fill with candles for soft and romantic lighting.


Couples ditched wedding cakes for a few years to showcase their favorite treats, donuts, and cupcakes, but in 2023, wedding cakes will making a comeback. From naked cakes to metallic cakes, expect to see the wedding cake making its way back into the wedding reception.


Newlyweds always say that their wedding day goes by too fast; we are seeing more couples skipping the traditions that don’t serve them so that they can really enjoy their wedding day as much as they can. In 2023, expect to see the bouquet and garter toss be less popular at the wedding reception. Some couples feel that the bouquet and garter toss are outdated traditions and want to do something that feels more unique and personal, like a private dance before the guests arrive or after the guests have left. It is still a special moment for the newlyweds during the reception and is less traditional.


In 2021, checkered patterns started rising in the interior design world. That rising trend can be expected to be seen in weddings this year. From checkered dance floors to small accents like table linens or napkins, the black and white pattern offers a vintage and more traditional look.


Toasts are always a special moment during the reception. Still, more and more couples are opting for more intimate toasts during their rehearsal dinner and skipping toasts all together during their wedding reception. It helps ease anxiety for those giving the toasts and allows for more time for guests to dance and enjoy the reception.


Signature drinks are making a splash this year. Whether you plan on having an open bar or not, having a signature drink (or a few) on the menu makes for a fun addition to the reception. Choose from your favorite drink or create something special for the big day. It’s a fun way for couples to customize their bar experience for their guests in a way that fits their personality and taste.


Most traditional weddings fall on weekends, with Friday and Saturday typically the most popular. In 2023, expect to see more weddings being held on weekdays. With the pandemic, so many weddings got postponed and rescheduled, creating a large backlog of weddings. More and more couples are opting to have a weekday wedding to tie the knot. It keeps couples from having to wait another year to say I do and is perfect for couples looking for wedding receptions that are smaller and more intimate.


Hand-printed wedding décor makes for a more unique and custom wedding experience. Expect to see a significant increase in hand-printed wedding decor details through centerpiece candles, ribbons, reception signage, and even table linens. It’s the perfect way for couples to incorporate an artsy side into their wedding day.


Neutrals and pastel colors have been popular for years. In 2023, expect to welcome bold splashes of color to wedding day color palettes. Pantone predicts the top colors for this year to be pink and purple tined orchid bloom, bright blue, fair green, and bubblegum pink, and we think we’ll continue to see them into 2023.


During the pandemic, unconventional table plans and layouts were created to help keep everyone safe and distant. As a result, a variety of new creative table layouts were created and are here to stay. Expect to see the unexpected when it comes to table setups, like square table layouts, u -shaped designs, t- shaped designs, and even x-shaped designs with long tables. The unique table layout goes against the traditional look and gives your wedding reception a more unique and creative feel while letting more (or less) guests together.


First dances are traditionally done indoors in the reception area. In 2020 and 2021, the first dance went outdoors for safety reasons, but with the addition of string lights and rug carpeted courtyards, the trend is here to stay. Outdoor first dances create a magical moment for the newlyweds and their guests and are a fun twist on the traditional first dance.

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