Rent a Bar For Your Event – They’re Not Just For Alcohol

Rent a Bar

Renting a bar for your corporate event, holiday party, wedding, or social event is simple and isn’t just for alcohol anymore. At Bowery + Bash, we have a large curated collection of event rentals for all of your party needs. From tables and chairs to bars and decor, we take pride in our diverse selection of rentals.

Here are a few of our favorite bar rentals for your event.

Gold Mirrored Bar

Description: Gold Mirrored Bar
Gold Wood Trim and Top
Includes Insert Tables
Bar Height: 43″
Quantity: 4
Dimensions: 72 x 30 x 43

Rent a Bar, chicago event rentals

With 4 of these in our collection, they work great to create a large bar area, wrap into a square, or even spread out over your event space to create a consistent look and feel. The mirrored front and art deco detailing, make them perfect for a regal black tie event, gatsy-inspired party or any other luxurious affair.


Midland Bar

Price: 550.00
Description: Faux concrete base with a sleek, ebony wood top and brass accents.
Bar height: 43″H
Quantity: 2
Dimensions: 73 1/4 x 20 1/4 x 43

Rent a Bar, chicago event rentals

This versatile concrete bar is perfect for many styles of events but works especially well in industrial or historic spaces, similar to the styling above. We have two in stock, so they can work well as bookends at your event space or even paired together next to each other.


Price: 595.00
Description: Rustic wood bar with weathered wood.
Bar height: 42″
Quantity: 6
Dimensions: 72 x 19 x 42


Our Nola bars are a fan favorite! With 6 in our inventory, the options are endless. This natural wood tone, and fine detailing feel a little Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn inspired, and can be dressed up for an indoor event or work perfectly for a garden wedding or event.

Jett Bar

Price: 695.00
Description: Jet black geometric wooden bar.
Bar height: 42.50″
Quantity: 4
Dimensions: 72 x 24 x 42 1/2

Rent a Bar, chicago event rentals

This classic black geometric barn won’t just fade into the background. The dimension and depth of the detailing will make a beautiful statement in your event. Think of how great it would look at a classy black tie affair, or a mid-mod inspired gathering. The options are endless with this piece!

Star Bar

Price: 750.00
Old world tile base topped with a faux concrete, wood-wrapped counter. Item is on hidden casters and has built-in shelving.
Bar height: 41″
Quantity: 4
Dimensions: 73 x 28 x 41

Rent a Bar, chicago event rentals

A classic Bowery + Bash piece, that exudes personality. We have 4 of these statement pieces in our inventory, and they work wonders for an outdoor event or even a chic farmhouse-inspired design.

As we said, renting a bar for your event, doesn’t have to just be for alcohol anymore. After the number of Chicago events we’ve done throughout some of the most sought-after event venues, we’ve seen some really creative ideas.

Are you looking for creative stations or displays at your wedding or event? Here are a few of our favorite ways to rent a bar for your event and use it for more than just alcohol:

Rent a bar as a dessert station. Because we have more than one of each style of bar in our collection, many of our clients opt to use one for the drink bar, and another (or more) to keep the design of their event consistent, for a dessert bar. We’ve seen some unique dessert stations displayed on our bar rentals:

  • A donut bar
  • A pie bar
  • A cotton candy bar
  • A s’more bar
  • A DIY sundae bar
  • A milk and cookie bar
  • A popsicle bar

Rent a bar for an appetizer station during a cocktail hour at a wedding or the start of a corporate event. Here are some of the most fun and unique appetizer stations we’ve seen displayed on our bar rentals:

  • A pickle bar
  • A biscuit bar
  • A potato bar
  • A salsa bar
  • A popcorn bar
  • A cheese bar
  • A charcuterie bar

Rent a bar to display announcements, details or signage. Whether you’re hosting a wedding and want to display family heirlooms or photos, or a corporate party with a seating chart or event agenda, using a bar  can be the perfect height and beautiful addition of furniture to keep your event design looking consistent. Here are a few ways to incorporate a bar into your event, without food or alcohol on it:

  • Seating chart or escort cards
  • Photos of parents, grandparents, or loved ones who may not be with you anymore at a wedding or family reunion
  • An event agenda or timeline (this works perfectly for a corporate event)
  • Name tag station (think holiday party)
  • Swag display or handout (think holiday or corporate party)
  • Party favor display (think kids party, family reunion, or baby shower)

Rent a bar for a unique interactive activity at your event. Events are progressively becoming less traditional. Whether it’s something personal to a couple getting married or something that applies to a brand standard or core value, experience is everything! Renting a bar for the set up can be a great way to make it all fit nicely into your event. Here are a few unique ideas for renting a bar for your event experience:

  • Cigar rolling station
  • Mixologist lessons or craft cocktail displays
  • Cannabis or CBD samples  (keep in mind cannibis is not legal for recreational use in all areas)
  • Bouquet building (this can double as a party favor!)
  • Guest book, sign-in station, or notes. This could apply to a corporate event (think testimonials about company culture) or a wedding (in the traditional guestbook or sign-in sequence).

Renting furniture for your wedding, corporate event, holiday party, or social gathering, is a great way to infuse the design personality into your event space. If you’re booking a blank canvas event venue, furniture and decor rentals can really set the tone for the entire event and change the look of every photo of your night. If you are booking a semi-furnished ballroom, accent pieces like renting a bar can really help make everything come together.

You can view our event rental inventory online by clicking here. To view our bars available for rent, click here.

If you are interested in setting up a consultation with our team or seeing our inventory and collection in person, please contact us today. We are a full-service event rentals company, offering guidance throughout your selection process, delivery, and installation of all selected items for your event.