Furnishing Festivity: Leftovers with Bowery & Bash Event Rentals


At Bowery & Bash event furniture rental company in Chicago, we are thrilled to bring a touch of Thanksgiving warmth and charm to your special occasions. Join us in a delightful journey through our exquisite pieces, each inspired as a Thanksgiving leftover that captures the essence of this beloved holiday.

Oakley Bar: The Turkey and Gravy Centerpiece

The Oakley Bar, with its rich caramel coloring, commands attention much like a perfectly roasted turkey. Its captivating presence in any room mirrors the focal point of a Thanksgiving feast. Immerse your guests in an atmosphere reminiscent of the comforting aroma of turkey and the savory allure of gravy.


Aurora Sofa: Peaks of Mashed Potatoes and Butter

The Aurora Sofa, with its warm and fluffy upholstery, draws parallels to the inviting sight of a bowl of creamy mashed potatoes adorned with a slab of butter. Sink into the plush comfort of the Aurora Sofa and experience the luxurious sensation akin to indulging in the quintessential Thanksgiving side dish.


Matilda Ottoman: Resembling Good Ol’ Pumpkin Pie

The Matilda Ottoman, draped in rust-colored velvet, mirrors the delectable allure of pumpkin pie. Its inviting design and luxurious texture evoke the warmth of autumn and the sweet, spiced aroma of this classic Thanksgiving dessert. Add a touch of sweetness to your event with the Matilda Ottoman.


NOLA Bar: Rustic Charm, a Homage to Stuffing

The NOLA Bar exudes classic rustic charm, reminiscent of the essential stuffing at the Thanksgiving table. Its timeless design and warm appeal make it a perfect addition to any event, creating an atmosphere that echoes the heartiness and tradition of a Thanksgiving gathering.


This Thanksgiving season, let Bowery & Bash elevate your events with our specially tagged pieces that pay homage to the warmth and flavors of this cherished holiday. From the Oakley Bar’s turkey and gravy allure to the Matilda Ottoman’s pumpkin pie resemblance, our collection is designed to make your celebrations truly unforgettable. Contact us today to bring the essence of Thanksgiving to your next event with Bowery & Bash’s exquisite event furniture rentals.