Furniture Delays Inspire Increase in Extended Furniture Rental

Extended Furniture Rental Becomes Increasingly Popular Due to New Furniture Ordering and Fulfillment Delays

Over the last two years, the furniture industry has slowed to a crawl. From an increase in home remodeling and design projects to delays in supply chain and delivery, the wait for new furniture orders has gone from an average of two-three months to six-eight months in most situations, making extended furniture rental more popular than ever before.

With these lengthy delays, designers and shoppers alike are being forced to reconsider their buyer behavior. Most interior designers agreed that you should think about updating your home decor and design every three to four years as trends are always changing and looks can go out of style quickly. With fulfillment delays spanning more than half a year in some cases, the challenge to create a well-designed space that clients and homeowners are all pleased with upon completion is increasingly difficult.

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Why are there Furniture Delays?

Working and staying home caused an increase in demand:

Demand for new furniture has been booming during the pandemic, particularly since the end of 2020. With more people setting up home offices, home school rooms, outdoor living spaces, and decked-out living and lounging areas in their homes, the demand for furniture of all sizes is delayed. From bar carts to sofas and accent chairs to dining furniture, the delivery time from retailers big and small has been impacted.

Of course, this causes disappointment for homeowners who are eager to upgrade their space but also continues to affect businesses and professionals, like interior designers who are designing spaces for their clients and cannot get the furniture delivered in a reasonable amount of time, or furniture retailers who cannot fulfill orders when needed.

According to a new study, a full 55% of Americans made a significant change to their home decor in 2020 — and 71% also said that, after 2020 during which they spent more time at home than ever, they’re planning to take the project to the next level in the new year.

According to the increase in demand shows no signs of stopping. Because buyers are still making improvements to their homes and furniture is needed, extended furniture rental and temporary staging have become increasingly more popular than ever before.

It has been reported that rental of “work from home products” such as desks and chairs exploded during the pandemic, rising 400% since the beginning of the pandemic. While other furniture like sofas, beds and cozy chairs have also increased an average of 260%, as people spend more and more time at home.

Overseas shutdowns:

COVID-19 has caused abrupt and unexpected shutdowns on and off for nearly 2 years. Transporting raw materials and finished products, particularly from China, has been difficult due to the pandemic and increased prices. Airfreight cargo has been delayed or stopped entirely due to international flight restrictions. The Washington Post reported that the fees for shipping from Asia have even quadrupled in some cases.

Material shortage:

A combination of foam and lumber shortage has added to the furniture delays. In February of 2021, freezing winter storms caused power grid outages across southern states, leaving millions without heat and electricity, also shutting down some of the major producers of propylene oxide (a primary ingredient in foam).

Lumber, a crucial raw material for furniture, has increased significantly in price, due to the increased demand not only for furniture but also the boom in home building and renovations. Building and expanding sawmill capacity is expensive and risky, considering no one knows what lies ahead.

Supply chains are stressed:

As if the COVID restrictions and the material shortages weren’t enough, supply chains are stressed more than ever and interior designers, retailers, and customers are all paying the price.

Shipping containers are overbooked as many businesses are trying to restock inventories that were running low during the pandemic and logjams are materializing at ports due to COVID outbreaks. Over the last two years, a plethora of dockworkers and workers at shipping hubs have contracted COVID, causing a worker shortage and even greater delays. At the beginning of the year, hundreds of dockworkers contracted the coronavirus in parts of California, severely limiting the country’s capacity to accept imported goods. An outbreak of the delta variant in Guangdong in June has also had a global ripple effect, as the province is a massive shipping hub that handles 24 percent of China’s exports.

How long will it last?

It is estimated that the furniture order delays will continue for at least 18-24 months.

Furniture Delays Inspire Increase in Extended Furniture Rental

We Can Help!

As a homeowner, you may have a furniture need (or want) that has a delayed completion and delivery date. As an interior designer, the furniture delays are likely causing some challenges in project completion and happy clientele. Luckily, Bowery and Bash can help! Contact us to set up an appointment to browse our furniture and decor inventory.

What are most people renting? 

Minimalism is recognized as the fashionable interior style of 2022, but it’s not complete minimalism. This trend is all about minimizing distractions and making room for air and free space. Minimalism can mean color or decor, but ultimately allows for you to feel comfortable in your space, something so many of us are searching for at this time.

Our large in-stock inventory has allowed us to offer homeowners and interior designers a large selection for their homes and projects. Some of our most popular extended furniture rental items include sofas, dining and high-top tables, bedroom furniture, artwork, chairs, coffee and side tables, benches and ottomans, rugs and even pillows and throws.

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There are a few simple things to remember when selecting furniture:

  1. Measure your room and think about scale. For example, a large sectional may fit your space but may seem oversized or out of place in your room.
  2. Keep in mind what you use your space for. If you’re outfitting a living room that you mainly watch TV in, you’ll need to select furniture that allows you to be comfortable doing so.
  3. Don’t lose your personality. Your space should be all about you and your family. If it doesn’t feel like you, you won’t feel comfortable living it – even if it’s only temporary.

Does the thought of selecting your own furniture seem overwhelming? You’re in luck! Our design team is here to help you create a home as unique as you are, even if it’s only temporary. Each room we design or furnish is one-of-a-kind, allowing you to have space you love, for as long as you need it. Our furniture has made an appearance in everything from the most stylish Chicago homes to the most exciting experiential events, popup shops, corporate celebrations, film sets and luxury weddings.

Alternatively, if you are an interior designer shopping for your client, we invite you to treat our warehouse as your playground, you’ll have the flexibility to create the look you’re going for. From a mid-mod-inspired lounge to a traditional dining room, the options are endless.

We offer short and longer-term subscription packages, with a rapid turnaround, as well as a la carte furniture rental or full-room rental.

Our a la carte furniture rentals start at $1000/month.

Inquire about home staging and furniture rental today.